Episode 11: David Shaw

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David Shaw’s intricate sculptures are composed through the juxtaposition of materials such as branches, dirt, steel, glass, holographic laminate, flocking, and found furniture. The clash of geometric and organic forms might at first suggest a nature vs. culture dichotomy, but Shaw is most interested in science, spirituality, and the communion of ideas we might normally think of as opposites. In our visit to his Sunset Park, Brooklyn studio, he discusses why change is a huge part of his work and, recently, his life; his long involvement with the gallery Feature, Inc., which closed in 2014 after the death of its influential founder, Hudson; how a childhood near-death experience sparked his passion for deep sea diving; and how, before discovering sculpture, he was on a path to becoming a brain surgeon.

People, places and things mentioned: Jennifer Coates, White Columns, Bob Gober, Jesse Bransford, abjection, Industrial Plastics, José Muñoz, spelunkers, Caverns Measureless to Man by Sheck Exley

04 Shaw Brink
“Brink”, wood, steel, paint, epoxy, flocking, 2012
01 Shaw Railing
“Railing”, wood, holographic laminate, epoxy, flocking, paint, glass, 2017
09 Shaw Hang-up (I Cry Both Ways)
“Hang-Up (I Cry Both Ways)”, wood, glass, paint, epoxy, flocking, rope, 2015
Root (1996)
“Root”, wood, steel, holographic laminate, mixed media, 1996
Root (detail)
“Root”, detail
13 Shaw Gem
“Gem”, wood, aluminum, holographic laminate, rope, 2013

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